YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening

YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening

Permanent Hair Straightening at Pierre Alexandre Hair Salons in Leeds, Manchester & Didsbury

Yuko Japenese hair straightening at Pierre Alexandre hair & beauty salons

Taming your unruly, frizzy hair can be frustrating and time consuming, if you want help to fight the frizz and save time on styling your locks then the Permanent Japanese Straightening Treatment maybe the answer.

Now available in our Leeds, Manchester & Didsbury hairdressing salons this revolutionary permanent hair straightening system also known as thermal reconditioning will leave your hair smoother, straighter and more manageable. It works by removing kinks, curls and movement in the hair leaving it looking super shiny and sleek.

Before & After YUKO Japanese Straightening

Yuko Japenese hair straightening at Pierre Alexandre hair & beauty salons

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What is YUKO Japanese Straightening?

YUKO Japanese Straightening is a hair straightening treatment similar to a ‘Brazilian blow dry’or keratin treatment where the hair is permanently straightened with a special solution.

How is YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment Different to Others?

Japanese hair straightening works by changing the inner bonds of the hair to leave you with super straight locks. Unlike keratin based hair smoothing treatments that primarily work to prevent frizz Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment offers long lasting straight hair results that require minimum effort to style .

Does YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening Work on Colour Treated Hair?

Yes. A YUKO Japanese Straightening Treatment can be applied to both virgin and coloured hair. The hairstyling experts at Pierre Alexandre group salons recommend that hair is coloured at least two weeks prior to a straghtening treeatment or ten days after a treatment.

How Long Does it Take?

The YUKO Japanese Straightening Treatment takes between 5 & 6 hours.

How Much Does it Cost?

The YUKO Japanese Straightening Treatment costs £250.

Long Lasting Hair Smoothing Results at Pierre Alexandre Group Salons

After Care Advice for YUKO Japanese Hair Straightening at Pierre Alexandre Hairdressing Salons

For best results it is advised to follow this aftercare advice for at least 72 hours afyer a hair straightening service.

  • Avoid getting the hair wet. This includes swimming, saunas and washing the hair.
  • Do not use pins, clips or grips on the hair as they may mark the hair
  • Do not use hairstyling products 
  • Use a shower cap whilst showering 
  • Do not wear hats, caps or sunglasses on your head
  • Do not colour the hair until 10 days after a treatment

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