Repair Hair & Prevent Split Ends With Neal & Wolf Haircare Products

Repair Hair & Prevent Split Ends With Neal & Wolf Haircare Products

Repair Split Ends Over Night with These Top Hassle-Free Tips! at Pierre Alexandre Hair & Beauty Salons in Manchester, Leeds & Didsbury

Have you experimented with your hair over the years? Or do you use heated appliances on your hair and now it feels dry, brittle and unloved? If you are guilty of having put your hair through its paces you may have been left with a few split ends!

The experienced hairstyling team at Pierre Alexandre group salons have compiled their top tips and product recommendations from top brand Neal & Wolf to help you get rid of split ends without having to lose inches from your length!

The Best Hair Products to Use For Split Ends

More often than not we do not dedicate enough time to styling our hair and hastily blast our locks on a hot heat before running the straightners through.

This is obviously bad for our hair and can leave it feeling dry, brittle and wide open to breakage. To help nourish and hydrate your hair the experienced hairstylists in Piere Alexandre hair salons in Manchester, Didsbury & Leeds suggest using Harmony Intensive Treatment Mask by Neal & Wolf

It is designed to repair damaged hair, improve texture to leave shiny, glossy results.

Use a Leave in Conditioner to Repair Split Ends

By using a leave in conditioner on your hair your locks can be re-hydrated and nourished, leaving you with healthier looking hair.

Ritual Weightless Conditioner by Neal & Wolf will detangle, add moisture and smooth hair into easy to manage locks. It is suitable for all hair types and available to purchase in our online shop.


Keep Your Hair In Check by Using a Heat Protection Spray

Heat from styling appliances such as tongs, hairdryers and straightners can badly damage hair so it is essential to protect each strand before you style.

At Pierre Alexandre Hair Salons in Manchester, Leeds & Didsbury we suggest using a thermal heat protecting spray such as Guard by Neal & Wolf. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and will leave your tresses looking vibrant, glossy and healthy.


Olaplex Hair Treatments at Pierre Alexandre

Olaplex at Pierre Alexandre hair salonsOLAPLEX can dramatically eliminate hair breakage. We can colour hair that is dry and damaged and give you hair that is a vibrant colour and in beautiful condition. Why not pop into one of our hair salons in Leeds, Manchester & Didsbury and breed new life into your hair with an olaplex conditioning treatment?

How to Stop Split Ends From Coming Back Advice From Pierre Alexandre Group Salons

Straight-hair at Pierre Alexandre hairIf you suffer from split ends you need to take extra care of your hair and be mindful about the products and treatments you use in future.

When you comb or brush your hair ensure that you never force it through your hair. This can cause the hair to stretch and break resulting in flyways and split ends. Instead use a wide toothed comb and take your time!

Did you know you can protect and condition your hair using a hair serum or oil? Serums are a great way to invisibly coat the hair and instantly smooth rough ends giving your hair an instant lift!

Try using Neal & Wolf Velvet Nourishing Oil which contains natural oils including Argan; Avocado and Jojoba, which will nourish and smooth hair as well as protect it from UV damage.

The skilled hairstylists in our Leeds, Manchester & Didsbury Hair & Beauty Salons suggest investing in regular haircuts to keep your hair strong and healthy.

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