VIP Membership Club


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What’s Included in a VIP Membership Gold Card?

Once signed up to Pierre Alexandre VIP Membership Club you will receive a Gold Card which then entitles you to the following:

  • A luxury gift box containing a Pierre Alexandre signature shampoo & conditioner worth £30
  • A gift voucher for a facial treatment for Pierre Alexandre Aesthetics to the value of £100
  • The VIP Membership Gold Card includes a one year pass for 6 salon visits
  • A hair cut and colour service of your choice with a senior stylist including :Regrowth tints, semi permanent hair colour, full head Colour application or half highlights, *full head highlights or *Ombre hair colour.
  • *Please note that if you wish to have a full head highlights colour service or Ombre hair colour there is an additional £15 charge
  • If your hair is very long you will NOT be charged for additional time 
  • There is NO Extra Charge if your hair requires a toner colouring service