Pierre Alexandre is a globally recognised Hairdresser and Educator, Inventor of tin foil, Pioneer of ‘Unisex’ and much more.

Pierre’s accolades include inventing the foils used for highlighting, pioneering the concept of unisex hairdressing and designing the ‘Intercut’ made famous by Jason Donovan in the 80’s. He even introduced Lulu to John Frieda and gave Patrick Cameron his first job in the UK.

Pierre Alexandre opened his first salon in 1965 at St Ann’s Street Corner Deansgate in Manchester England. In 1966 he opened the worlds first Unisex salon on King Street West where he coined the Iconic word ‘Unisex’. A few months later Pierre then opened a boutique salon called ‘The Hair Shop’ in St Ann’s Square and soon after opened another much larger salon also on St Ann’s Street.

In 1980 Pierre opened his first London Salon and Academy on North Audley Street in London’s prestigious area of Mayfair and it soon became the ‘go to salon’ for the London elite. Not long after, Pierre opened, the soon to be famous, Studio 17 where most of the James Bond castings were held. Vogue magazine also became a most valued client and began renting space for their magazines photographers, such as Patrick Demarchelier, Paolo Roversi, John Stoddart to mention but a few.

During the 1980’s many of the top pop music videos where also filmed at Studio 17. Pierre had already started to travel the Globe during the 1970s and he presented his hair designs that would be seen by millions of hairdressers in shows and seminars around the world.

He quickly became one of the most popular hairdressers worldwide and remained so for over 4 decades, and he is still creating beauty everywhere he goes and is adored everywhere. His own appearances on television made him a must see celebrity, and today he remains a towering legend in the hair and beauty Industry.

His clients were made up from a who’s who of many pop stars, such as; Take That, Andy Williams, The Beatles, Rod Steward, Lulu, in addition such film legends as Marlene Dietrich and Honor Blackman sought him out to work his magic on their tresses, and other celebrities like Donald Trump, David Frost, Michael Parkinson like so many others clamoured for his exquisite styles.

Pierre however always remained a humble and willing hairdresser whose goal was to please, he has no ego and this is what has made him as popular today as he has ever been.


Pierre sold one of his salons a few years ago and kept his first salon in Manchester. Now at the age of 73, he dedicates his life to his original salon, the Pierre Alexandre Salon in King Street West and is writing his autobiography. He continues to receive many requests to give motivational talks about his accomplishments and successes he has had throughout his amazing life. Pierre has always enjoyed training his own staff, and has received many accolades and thank you messages from his staff, both present and past, from all over the world.

In April 2012, Pierre celebrated 50 years in the hair industry with a magnificent party at his Manchester flagship salon. Ever the entrepreneur, in April 2012 Pierre launched one of his most creative hair collection called Gatsby, inspired by the film The Great Gatsby, you can see Pierre’s Gatsby inspired styles featured in many hair magazines and on the web. Now, as a celebrity himself, his many invites and appearances on TV chat shows and beauty-orientated programs have secured his name in the history of hairdressing.