Hair Colour Correction

Pierre Alexandre – Experts in Hair Colour Correction in Manchester & Didsbury

If you have a hair colour problem, it is essential to seek professional advice for the best course of action.

The team at Pierre Alexandre hair salon in Manchester & Didsbury are highly experienced colourists who know exactly what to do to get your hair back to a healthy condition and beautiful colour.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that adding another colour over the bad hair colour will solve your hair colour problem – this is usually never the case! 

When correcting a hair colour problem, our colour technicians will scrutinise your hair closely, seek out the hair colour problem for each section of your hair, and prescribe a course of action for fixing your hair colour problem effectively.

We also correct everyday hair colour problems such as highlights that are too orange in tone, blonde hair that appears brassy and removing dark bands of colour that have overlapped due to repeated colouring.

These types of hair colour correction problems are rectified day to day at our Manchester & Didsbury Hair Salons. Once we have assessed your hair problem and devised a plan to correct the issue, we will discuss the price and plan of action to ensure you are fully satisfied.